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Bali as a meeting point of millions people from hundred countries around the world, always offer big possibilities for the cultural and languages exchanges to be happened. As a French cultural center, Alliance Française Bali observed the growth of interest of French people to come to Bali, whether as tourists or residents. Currently, there are about 3.000 French people who live in Bali. Also in 2017 Bali received 162.288 French tourists, which 10% higher than the previous year.

As these cross-culture interactions built day by day in Bali, we ought to prepare ourselves to be a part this global phenomenon through many ways. One of them is by learning foreign languages. Southern Bali life is always engaged with tourism activities. Following the high demand from the tourism actors, Alliance Française Bali in collaboration with Jimbaran Hub opens a French courses for Beginner. Using the curriculum of Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, this course aims to meet the students' needs to master French in 4 element : reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


French for Beginner

The courses taught are equivalent to level A1.1, the very beginning level for French learner. Adapted to tourism practitioners' work hours , we divide the classes into 2 schedules : First schedule is from 5 pm-7 pm, while the second option is from 7 pm-9pm. To register, kindly choose the class which schedule suits your spare time.

A2.1 (Intermediate) 60 Hours (30 meetings) Monday, Wednesday & Friday 7 pm - 9 pm 2 500 000 350 000 2 850 000


Should you need any further information related to this course, kindly contact us through :

phone : (+62 361) 234 143 / +6281 236 202 818 (available on whatsapp)

email : info@afbali.orgss


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